From picking out your favorite ornaments to seeing loved ones come together for special meals and festivities, the holidays are a festive time. As we move out of the holiday season, there’s a whole new task: safely removing all that tinsel, garland, lights, and decorations from our homes. Don’t worry; with this guide, you will soon have everything squared away without damaging your home or yourself. Check out these five tips to safely remove holiday decorations.

Safely Remove Holiday Decorations: Unplug Lights Before Removing

Before you untangle and unwind your holiday lights, make sure that all of the cords are unplugged from their power sources. Touching a broken light while plugged in can cause an electrical shock.

Take it Slow

It can be tempting to tear through the job as quickly as possible, but this is a surefire way to end up with tangled, broken strings of lights that you have no hope of saving. Taking time while removing your decorations will help prevent breaking and damaging them so you can use them again next year.

Safely Remove Holiday Decorations: Be Careful on Ladders

If you’ve gone all out on your decorations, chances are that a few are hanging in high places. If this is the case for you, use a sturdy ladder and keep three points of contact when going up or down it — two hands and one foot or two feet and one hand. Before stepping onto the ladder, make sure that it is firmly planted in place and not wobbly or unsteady.

Don’t Force Anything

Sometimes, things don’t want to cooperate, no matter how much care you take and how slowly you go. If you’re having trouble removing a decoration or piece of garland, don’t force it — there is likely a better way to get the job done without causing damage to either your home or your decorations.

If you’re uncertain how to proceed, take a break and return to it with fresh eyes — chances are that the solution will soon become apparent.

Work with a Partner

Working with a partner can be incredibly helpful when taking down decorations, especially for heavier items and larger pieces. Having an extra set of hands to help with cables or steady a ladder will go a long way in keeping everyone safe.

Now that you have these five tips, it’s time to pack your decorations away until next year. With patience and caution, you’ll soon have everything safely tucked away.

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