As people age, their risk for injuries at home increases. Falls are the leading cause of injury for seniors, and many times these falls can be prevented. There are several ways that homeowners can make their homes safe for seniors.

1. Remove Tripping Hazards

One of the best ways to prevent falls is to remove any potential tripping hazards from your home. This includes things like loose rugs, electrical cords, and clutter. If you have any stairs in your home, make sure they are well-lit and have handrails on both sides.

2. Install Grab Bars That are Safe for Seniors

Grab bars can be installed in strategic places around your home to help seniors stay steady on their feet. These are especially helpful in the bathroom, near the toilet, and in the shower, but they are also helpful in other areas of the home, like near the stairs.

3. Make Your Home Accessible and Safe for Seniors

Another way to make your home safe for seniors is to make it more accessible. This includes installing ramps, raised electrical outlets, and lever door handles. These small changes can make a big difference in preventing falls and injuries.

4. Improve Lighting to Boost Safety for Seniors

Poor lighting is one of the leading causes of falls for seniors. Make sure your home is well-lit, both inside and out. Install motion sensor lights outside to help seniors see when they are coming and going at night. Inside the house, use dimmer switches to control the light level and add additional lamps in dark corners or hallways.

5. Add Stair Lifts or Elevators

If your home has multiple floors, consider adding a stair lift or an elevator to help seniors move between levels safely. These devices can be a big help in preventing falls. There are three main types of stair lifts available for homeowners: straight, curved, and outdoor. Straight stair lifts are designed for straight staircases and are the most common and affordable type. Curved stair lifts are made for staircases with bends or turns. They are more customized and expensive compared to straight stair lifts.

Outdoor stair lifts can be used on exterior stairs and are weather-resistant.

Overall, the type of stair lift a homeowner chooses will depend on the layout and design of their staircase.

6. Check for Safety Hazards Regularly

It’s essential to check your home for potential safety hazards regularly. This includes things like loose handrails, tripping hazards, and poor lighting. By taking the time to address these issues, you can help prevent falls and injuries.

Making your home safe for seniors doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. By taking some simple precautions, you can help reduce the risk of falls and injuries.

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